Kangaroo Romper- Ducklings Lux Soft Pima

Kangaroo Romper- Ducklings Lux Soft Pima

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This aquatic motif features ducklings splashing around in the neighborhood pond. Watch as one flaps around atop a lily pad while another shakes its tail feathers and hops into the water. Just as your toddler makes you laugh with each silly thing they do, these daredevil ducklings will quack everyone up!

Our best value in a boys romper, the long-sleeved Kangaroo Romper is also a signature Feather Baby piece. (Yes, we were the first!) With a lap-sleeve collar and snaps along the inseam, it’s easy for moms on the go. Let your little one gather acorns and leaves with the ‘kangaroo’ pocket in front. 

Medium-weight interlock knit with 100% Pima cotton.

Handcrafted in Peru.